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SEG and CSI students often find this course challenging due to the phyiscs and math in the course. Here is a list of tutorials that have been put together to help students. ALSO, this text book by Behrouz A. Forouzan is recommended. It is much easier to understand than the book by Stallings and has good practice questions.

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SEG3904 Innovation Research Project

Looking for a technical elective? SEG3904 allows you to receive credit for work you do on an innovation research project as long as it is supervised by a software engineering professor.Here is how it works:

1) You find a Software Engineering Professor or any professor with a P.Eng. who agrees to supervise your project.
2) Write up a proposal that both you and the professor agree to
3) You submit the proposal via email to the Associate Director, Software Engineering for feedback and approval.
4) Register for SEG3904 at the undergraduate office on first floor SITE You can register for SEG3904 in any semester.